Anyone wishing to join us at Potters in November 2020 please add your names to the list at the clubhouse.


Trip to Potters 18th-22nd November.


We all agreed that what happened at Potters stayed at Potters so this report will be in very general terms!


A merry group of 21 people set off on the 18th in glorious sunshine, making their own way to Hopton by the Sea.  We eventually met up at the evening meal which was followed by the entertainment in the theatre, and most people retired  about 11.15pm – quite a long day. 


Tuesday started with breakfast at around 8.15am and from then on it was all systems go!  We played bowls twice that week using the separate rinks upstairs.  When we were on our own of course there was no banter, no insults and amazingly quiet. Yeah-right!


Other activities included archery, target shooting with air rifles, kurling, welly wanging and Segway riding.  We shone at the quizzes, especially the Christmas one, singing our hearts out with the Christmas carol answers and being pretty good with the cracker joke questions - we’d found our level!


Examples: –

Q. Why didn’t the skeleton go to the Christmas party?

A.  He had nobody to go with!


Q. Who did Santa get to sing for him at Christmas?

A.  Elvish Presley!


Q.  Why did the snowman look through a basket of carrots?

A.   He was picking his nose!


We did the club proud coming home with 11 medals between us and a couple of bottles of “nearly” champagne. 


The food was very good, with a lot of choices at each sitting.  The entertainment was brilliant, with the last night being the Christmas Spectacular.  This involved a show, then a pantomime (oh no it didn’t – oh yes it did!) and ended with a good old sing song similar to the Last night of the Proms.  We were all in fine voice and it was a super end to a super week. 


There is talk of “next time” with a suggestion of going for 4 days over a weekend.  Some found the “holiday” tiring; I personally was knackered at the end!  Therefore a notice may be going up in the New Year for another visit to Potters. If you didn’t go this time ask those who did and you’ll find you missed out on something special.  Don’t miss out on the next one!



Social Secretary.