Richards Cup.      Winner, Ian Harris, Runner up Mike Taylor.


Gous Trophy.      Winner, Brenda Pearce, Runner up Jenny Price.


Weston Cup.       Winner, Mick Cushing, Runner up Tom Frankland.


Collinge Cup.       Winner, Ray Seath, Runner up Mike Taylor.


Denman Cup.      Winners, Tom Frankland & David Underdown,

                               Runners up Ian Harris & Clive Gilfrin.


Crayford Cup.      Winners Brenda Pearce & Aubrey Smith,

                               Runners up Yvonne Pain & Reg Pain


Pearce Cup.         Winners Ian Harris & John Winsor,

                               Runners up Peter Cookson & Tim Fearn


Peacock Trophy. Winners Irene Taylor & Jenny Price,

                               Runners up Brenda Pearce & Chris Game


Spoon Drive.     Winner Tim Fearn


Another success at our club was winning the Sudbury Triples knockout Competition, the winning team was:-

Sheila Winsor, Ian Harris and John Winsor