Saturday 8th February 2020

The Beetle Drive


With cries of "Ive got a body", and quick, pick the dice up" the game of beetle was under way.

There was a good crowd, all very competitive and intent on winning.There wasn't time to remonstrate with fellow players, but the look some gave to others when they didn't put the dice back in the cup had to be seen to be believed. Then the groans when someone excitedly shouted "BEETLE" and despairing voices stating they were one leg/eye/feeler away from finishing themselves. A quick count up, a change of seat and partner, then the number ones were rattling the dice again eager for another chance to draw their version of that 6 legged creature.


12 games were played in total with a possible maximum points score of 168. Aubrey won overall with a score of 139. He won a solid silver cup which was almost too heavy to lift (LOL) - and a big thank you to everyone who supported this event. It was lovely to see a few new faces and i'm hoping that those who did come will tell others what it was like so even more will come next time.




Social Secretary


Sounds like you all had a great time, sorry Chris and I were unable to attend. Well done to Jenny for your hard work again, it just goes to show that the club can suceed in other activities during the winter months.




Website Manager